Top 5 Mobile Care Tips

A mobile phone is your lifeline in today’s fast paced era. Whether it is business or personal domain, mobile phone is being used increasingly in every aspect of your life. Not only are mobile phones expensive, some of which can cost a fortune, they are an integral part of your life and you may not want your phone to be non-functional even for a moment. Maintaining your mobile phone properly for a long lasting and continuous usage requires some effort on your side. Here, we’ll discuss and offer you some mobile care tips on how to keep your device up and running always.

1. Protect your handset with a screen guard
Scratch Guard Today’s phones, especially the Smartphones have bigger screens which is the most sensitive area of the phone and also prone to damage and scratches easily due to its big surface area and glass material. Also due to most of the Smartphones as well as feature phones today incorporating a touch screen display, protecting your mobile screen is of utmost importance.

Protect your mobile phone screen with the screen or scratch guard which is a thin urethane based film that can be easily put on your mobile screen. These films are durable and easily available at very reasonable prices.

2. Keep your phone in a cool, dry place
Mobile phones are made from some of the most sensitive materials available. The circuitry of the phones can be very reactive to moisture, dust, heat and chemicals. Even a little exposure of any of these elements can cause damage to your phone or render it completely useless.

To protect your phone from all those agents, ensure that you store your phone in a cool and dry place which is dust free as dust on your phone display can affect the touch properties significantly.

3. Use Anti-Virus Software
Internet on mobile phones is becoming inherent nowadays with advanced technology in phones to connect to superfast internet. While internet can be a useful utility, your phone may catch viruses from the internet and cause stealing of your personal data or permanently alter your phone’s software leading to its crash or complete shutdown.

While you may be using anti-virus software on your personal computers and laptops, you would think that mobile phones are untouchable. You are wrong if you think like that. You must use anti-virus software which is available easily and for free over the internet for download but ensure that the source is a reliable one.

4. Enhance your battery life with better protection
Batteries are the lifeline of your mobile and you cannot operate a phone efficiently without a good and long lasting battery. Prolonging your battery life needs some proper techniques which can be summarized below:

(i) Avoid complete discharge of your mobile phone battery all the time as it strains the battery a lot and can shorten its lifetime. On the contrary, don’t let it fully charged all the time as not using your phone may cause battery capacity loss
(ii) Keep your phone in a cool place always. Heat doesn’t mix well with batteries
(iii) If you want to store your battery, keep it half charged and place in a cool and dry place

5. Keep Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G off when not required
While using Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS and 3G connections empowers you to fully explore your phone’s capability, it is wiser to turn them off when not in use. All these features when turned on consume a humongous amount of power and if let on continuously even when not in use can cause shorter battery life. Your battery will also wear out earlier than it is designed for.